Crop Scouting

Vogel Crop Services LLC offers a wide range of crop scouting services that can be designed to fit your unique circumstances. With OUR crop scouting services, you can choose to have just corn acres, just bean acres or both. You also have the flexibility to choose how many visits you would like during the growing season.

Prices are determined by how many visits you need and the level of reporting you require during a single growing season. After each visit you will receive a detailed report.


Our reports include:
  • Crop Growth Stage
  • Plant Health
  • Soil Conditions
  • Pest pressure (weeds, insects, disease)
  • Weather conditions on day of scouting

Based on our findings, a pest management recommendation will be provided to yield maximum results.

We can develop a customized plan for your situation or you can choose from one of our two standard options:

The Basic Plan- Six visits per field

The Full Plan- Ten visits for corn and six for soybeans with a PSNT Test for corn only

For plan pricing Contact Vogel Crop Services TODAY!!
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